"For those of you in the Washington DC metro area I will be at Beyond Comics Gaithersburg, Maryland location Christmas Eve Wednesday, December 24 at 2:00pm for the official Solitary by CW Cooke signing! I was fortunate to be the cover artist for this series and hope to see you there. I will also have copies of the Pirate Eye trade, sketch covers and prints, so if you are looking for a last second gift for a comic fan see you there!" - Carl

"Pirate Eye returns to stores as a four issue monthly tale starting in January, building upon everything from the first four one-shot Pirate Eye stories. Pirate Eye continues the tradition of using “the best of both genres without ever resorting to the clichés of either!" - Major Spoilers

"For those of you that enjoy tough, two-fisted, character-focused fight fiction the new Fight Card book Guns of November featuring my cover art is available now on Amazon ." - Carl

"A picture is first of all the product of the imagination of the Artist; it must never be a copy" - Degas

"The whole world is open before us; everything waiting to be done, not just redone." - Picasso